Shhh...Don't tell Marie or Don...

While Marie and Don are at the Erie County Fair, we (the ones left behind ) have decided to have a little fun. 

Every day from now till the end of the month (cause that's when they come back) we will be having a sale.  The kicker is "it will be a different sale every day", so if you are curious to know what will be on sale on a specific day, you will have to drop by the store. 

There will be no daily email blast about the sale because quite frankly "we aren't suppose to be using the email system lol".  But we will be posting "What's on sale that day" every morning in the store so do yourself a favor and drop by.

By the way "nothing" is off limits in this sale"!!!!
Also, just a reminder we are closed on August 30th and September 1st!! 

Hope to see you soon.

Mary, Lucy and Judy
(Names were changed so Marie will not know who did this)
Marie's Sewing Center
6310 Robinson Road
Lockport, NY 14094