15000 Event

Everyone needs to set up on Wednesday between 1:30 and 4:30 or from 7 to 9.  We have 40 people coming and this is the best way to make this work for everyone.  If we get a late start on Thursday, we will not get to cover everything.
I know some people have said that they are not coming.  I have everyone in the same database.  Sorry!!  Please know, though, that there is an update for the 15000.  There is a new app called acusetter.  If you need help with updating your devices and are not attending the event,  we can help you after they event and by appointment.

When you arrive, I will have some menu choices that I will ask you to pick for the three days. 
I will have some pigma pens there and markers.

This event is at the Best Western in Lockport.

Everyone drive safe!!

Marie, Don, and the girls
Marie's Sewing Center