Winter News

Thank you to everyone for understanding what a difficult time I've been going through.  My Mom has been in and out of three hospitals since December 30th.  Don and the girls have done a great job keeping up with everything.  I'm not sure what road this adventure is going with my Mom but you must understand that I will put her first and all else will fall into place.  I have had to put classes on hold.  Please be patient.  I will get things going as soon as I can.

What's coming in 2016?  Please click on this link to view our exciting embroidery event with DIME.  This is an event that you do not want to miss.  Follow the link and sign up today!!

Don and I will be going to a trade show from 1/26/16 to 1/30/16.  Then we will be taking a much needed vacation.  I will not be answering any emails from 1/31/16 to 2/6/16.  Do you think the girls will be having a "Cats Away Sale"???  You bet they will!!!!  Stop out and see what's new.

Again Thank you,

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