All the details about the Events coming soon.

The Texture Workshop has room for one more in Eden and one in Lockport.  Click HERE to sign up for Eden Click HERE to sign up for Lockport and for all the information on the event.
Our Westalee Ruler event is coming up fast.
The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions/challenges. If anyone has a question, please do not hesitate to contact the store.

What do I need to buy to take the class?  You need a ruler foot starter kit $55 (see supply list)  and also you will be using the 6 piece sampler set of rulers. $75.  The rulers are different for each type of machine.  The rulers are different thicknesses for different types of machines.  The students will receive an email early next week to see what they might need for the event.

Machines: If they haven't been serviced in a while, this is a good time to do it. Machines should be clean, oiled if necessary, and in good working order. Manuals should be brought to class.  Yes you will be bringing a machine to the event.  If you are buying the foot and templates for your home sit down quilter or long arm, we will have a few machines that you can use.  This will probably be a sharing thing.

Bernina machines using the Westalee foot must have the #77 Bernina Shank adapter or use the Bernina Foot #72. (Westalee foot uses low shank templates, Bernina #72 foot uses High Shank templates)

Students should be comfortable with the free motion settings on their machines. Details on Supply List.

Fabric: For learning, a color that is dark and reads solid. A good trick is to take a template and hold it over the fabric. You should be able to easily see the reference lines on the template. If the fabric is too light, you will not be able to see the lines.

Thread should be a contrasting color to the fabric and the same thread for the bobbin.

Extension Table: This is a must for ruler work. Some machines have extensions that work well, others do not. It should not be beveled. It needs to extend in front of, behind, and to the left of the needle far enough that the 12” Arc can be used without tipping.  If you need to order a machine table you should contact the store asap because these have to be ordered to fit your machine. 

Lunch will be provided.  Please email us if you have any dietary restrictions. 

Tuesday's class is almost filled and that will open it up to have it on Wednesday as an additional class.

Click HERE to read about the supply list for the class, the prep work for the class, and also about the tables.
Click HERE to read about the limited time only Event table specials.
Click HERE to read about the Event specials and accessories.

Email me with any questions.  Click HERE to sign up.

I tried to move the event between my two stores and I was unable after calling 15 places to find a place that would keep the event cost down.  The Best Western will have discounted rooms for this event.  We can also do a car pool from Eden to Lockport.  Please let us know if this would help.  The event ends by four which would give you plenty of time to get home for dinner.

The trunk show and Demo right now does not have enough people to run it.  Please sign up today if you would like to come.  You will not need to bring anything.  I think you will be amazed as to what you can do.  Click HERE to sign up.

It has definitely been a trade in and trade up month.  We have available right now that have been traded in:  Janome 15000, Janome 12000, Elna 860, and several Pfaff and Bernina's as well.  Email us with any questions.

Marie, Don, and the girls

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