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Class Policies

We offer a large selection of sewing classes from beginner to advance. To sign up for a class, you must register and pay the class fee in order to reserve your space. If you wish to sign up by phone, you may pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

Cancellations: We know things can happen, and should you need to cancel (and cannot give your space to a friend) we will issue a gift certificate for the class fee up to one week before the class starts. No credit is given for cancellations one week prior or less.

Classes require a sewing machine in GOOD WORKING ORDER. (If you haven't had your machine serviced in the last year, bring it in for a tune up BEFORE class). We do have a limited number of classroom machines available for use at our classes. Please let us know when you register and we will have one set up for you to use. Many students are purchasing the Jem Gold for classes. This machine is now available in a computerized model. Check out this machine at JANOME SEWING MACHINES.

BASIC SEWING SUPPLIES: Scissors, pins, seam ripper, pen, paper, needles, thread, ruler, and thread. Check supply list for specific notions needed for each class. If you have supplies at home bring them. Your instructors insist on quality materials and many specific products to ensure good results. EXACT materials requested will be in stock.

*NOTE: Everyone works at different rates & different levels of understanding. Some people may finish in the allotted time, some may not. We feel that the knowledge gained and implemented is more important than a finished project. If additional help is needed we do offer "open sew" on Tuesdays from 10 - 1 or 6 - 9PM .  Call and reserve a spot.

Also, please be considerate of others and leave your children at home and put your cell phone on vibrate.