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JANOME CONTINENTAL M7 BUNDLE Janome Continental M7, M7 Trolley Bag, M7 Workbook, 24 Spools Cotton Thread,
Sold-ish Jelly Roll, Kimberly Einmo's BOM, Ruler Bag, Precision Pre Cut Ruler, Jelly Roll Ruler, Flying Geese Ruler, 8" & 11" Free Motion Quilting Hoop Set, Palm Quilting Paddles, Square Template Set, Triangle Template Set, Ruler Set, Free Motion Glider, Accufeed open Toe Foot, Accufeed Straight Stitch Foot, Accufeed Quilt Piecing Foot, Ultra Glide Foot and Plate
  M7 Bundle ONLY $153 @ 48 MONTHS  
JANOME HD9 BUNDLE Janome HD9, Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set, Convertible Free Motion Frame Quilting Feet, Ruler Work Foot, Free Motion Glider, 6" Curved Ruler, 8"x2" Straight Ruler
  HD9 ONLY $71 @ 24 MONTHS  
AT2000D, Blind Stitch Foot, Piping Foot, Gathering Attachment, Cording Foot Type A, Cording Foot Type B, Cloth Guide, Elastic Gathering Attachment, Beading Attachment, Standard Foot, AT2000D Work Book, Carry Case, 16 Spool Thread Set     
  AT2000 ONLY $65 @ 24 MONTHS  
AT2000D, $25.00  Girl  Gift Certificates (2), Adjustable Seam Guide, Clear View Cover Stitch Foot, Center Guide Foot, Hemming Guide, Elastic Gathering Attachment, Tape Binder AT2000D  Work Book, Carry Case, 16 Spool Thread Set
  AT2000 ONLY $65 @ 24 MONTHS
JANOME 9450QCP BUNDLE 9450QCP Machine, 30 Spools Thread, 9450 Work Book, Janome Trash Bin,
3 Kimberly Einmo Rulers, Kimberly's Solid-ish Jelly Roll, Kimberly's BOM, 20x Optical Magnifier
  9450 Bundle ONLY $98 @ 48 MONTHS  
LUMINAIRE XP2 BUNDLE XP2 Machine, Trolley Set, PE Design 11, 24 Spool Thread Set, Angela Wolf Luminaire Master Class, Wide Table, Luminaire Magnetic Sash Frame, Magnifying Lens
  XP2 Bundle ONLY $283 @ 60 MONTHS
NS2750   BUNDLE                   NS2750 Machine, 6 Pack Thread Set, 10 Pack bobbins, 10 Pack Embroidery
Needles, 10 Pack Pre-Wound Bobbins, 12 Sheets 9 x 7 Tearaway Stabilizer, 12 Sheets 6 x 6 Cut Away Stabilizer, 5 1/2" Stainless Steel Snips
  NS2750 Bundle ONLY $92 @ 24 MONTHS  
VIKING SAPPHIRE 85 BUNDLE Sapphire 85 Machine, 12 Pack Inspira Embroidery Thread, Large Extension Table, Circulat Attachment, Changeable Open Toe Foot, Accessory Tote, Scissor Kit, Inspira Stabilizer kit
  Sapphire 85 Bundle ONLY $142 @ 60 MONTHS  
STELLAIRE XJ1 BUNDLE XJ1 Machine, Luggage Set,  400 Embroidery Design Download Card, 24 Piece Thread Kit, Disney Scan N Cut  DX, Scan N Cut Roller Bag, $25.00 Marie's Sewing center Gift Cards (2)
  XJ1 Bundle ONLY $188 @ 48 MONTHS