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Simon Haskins Trunk Show 3/10/2013

Welcome to Marie's Sewing Center Mr. Simon Haskins
Welome to Marie's Sewing Center
Mr. Simon Haskins

Getting Ready for Simon

It's almost time!

This is why we came, gorgeous!!
It just gets better!
 Just WOW!!!
This is so cute!!
The color purple!!!
Shadow Applique at it's finest!
How cute is this and easy too!!
A quilt after my own heart!
Fiesta Time!!!


This is Embroidery at it's best!
When the master speaks, we listen!
I dare you to lay your head on this pillow!
Sheer at it's best.
Everyone is paying close attention.
Just beautiful!
3D ?
Words do not do justice!
One picture is not enough!
3D flowers very nice.
They get better and better :)
Simply breath taking.
This is so cool!!!
Everyone was blown away!
More Pictures