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20" X 10 YDS

Adhesive-Backed, Needle-Friendly Tearaway for Hard to Hoop Items

Embellish™ Sticky Tearaway is for use with machine embroidery on items too small to be hooped or with textured fabrics that can be damaged during the hooping process resulting in hoop-burns.  Perfect for velvet, corduroy, linen or leather. One layer will support approximately 8,000 embroidery stitches. For designs over 8,000 stitches combine with one layer of Embellish™ Bold Tearaway, cutting a piece the same size as the hoop and floating it underneath for added support.

Embellish™ Sticky Tearaway< features a partially water-soluble tearaway foundation and a completely water-soluble adhesive.  This makes the removal process easy, delicate stitches protected and fabrics are left soft and flexible.

To use:

  1. Place one piece of Embellish™ Sticky Tearaway in the embroidery frame with the paper side facing up.
  2. Draw an “X” on the surface of the paper with a straight pin taking care to not puncture the stabilizer. This will perforate the paper so that it can be torn away and expose the sticky surface of the stabilizer within the hoop.
  3. Stick down the item/garment to be embroidered and smooth out any wrinkles.
  4. Stitch your design!
  5. Remove the stabilizer by gently tearing it away from around the design. If the design does not have an outline (this perforates the stabilizer), place your thumb on the edge of the stitching to protect it while pulling away the stabilizer. 

**Embellish™ Sticky Tearaway features a partially water-soluble base.  If the design you have embroidered is delicate, apply a damp cloth over the back of the embroidery and allow the water-soluble fibers to begin the melting process.  This will release the stitches without distortion!

**Embellish™ Sticky Tearaway will support a design with a stitch count of 8,000 or less. If your design is larger or overly dense for its size you will need to add more stability by floating one or two layers of Embellish™ Dissolvable Tearawayunder the hoop.  For large designs on quilt cottons try prepping the fabric with Embellish™ Fusible Bold Underlay and then stabilize.