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Floriani Chrome Needle - Twin Universal

Floriani Chrome Twin Universal Needles - Twin or Double needles are actually two needles mounted on one shank used to create two rows of stitches simultaneously - ideal for creating hems and unique topstitching.

When using a double needle, two spools of thread will be used in the top of the machine. Pass the thread from each spool on a different side of the tension discs and thread into each needle. Only one bobbin thread will be used and the stitches create a double "web" of stitches on the back of the work.

Most important! - Remember that the needles must fit through the hole in the stitch plate - a straight stitch plate cannot be used. Carefully hand turn the needle through the stitch movements before actually trying on a project to assure that the throat plate opening will accomodate the needle and the design!

You will love using the best needles in the world, brought to you by the company you have come to respect for their superior quality in every product wearing the Floriani Brand Name.