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With Perfect Stick, embroidery in almost any area is achievable! Enjoy quality stitching with no residue build up or gummy needles. Perfect Stick is ideal for hard to hoop items such as bulky towels, backpacks, collars, napkin corners, or socks. Also use for fabrics that can be damaged by the hooping process, a.k.a. Hoop Burn; fabrics like leather, velvet, ultra-suede and satin. With Perfect Stick you will enjoy the stability of a firm yet flexible stabilizer that will support all types of embroideries on most fabrics.

To use Perfect Stick® Tearaway:

  1. Place one piece of Perfect Stick Tearaway®, paper side up, into the embroidery frame and make sure it is "tambourine skin" tight. 
  2. Score the paper with a straight pin or scissor tip and peel back the protective paper to expose the sticky surface.  
  3. Smooth the item to be embroidered into place.
  4. Place the embroidery hoop on the machine and center the design.  
  5. Use a topping if necessary and secure the corners.  
  6. Stitch the design.  
  7. To remove Perfect Stick Tearaway®, dampen the back of the embroidery with a wet cloth or sponge. Allow the moisture to penetrate for 10 seconds and then tear away the stabilizer.

On average, Floriani Perfect Stick® Tearaway should support a design with no more than 10,000 stitches and/or around 4" x 5" in size. If the design has a higher stitch count, simply "float" a square of Floriani Stitch N Wash TearAway between the hoop and the bed of the machine to support the additional stitches.