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For use with the Bobbin Work Kit only--this is not the stand sewing and/or embroidery bobbin case.

For use with Brother: BP2100, HE1, HE240, LB6770, LB6770PRW, LB6770THRD, LB6800PRW, LB6800THRD, NQ1300PRW, NQ3500D, NQ700PRW, NQ900PRW, NS40, NS40e, NS80, NS85e, NV900D, NV950D, NV990D,NV1000, NV1200, NV1250D, NV1500D, NV2500D, NV2800D, NV4000LTD, NV4000D, NV4000DLTD, NV4500D Duetta®, NV4750D Duetta® 2, NV5000 Isodore®, NV6000D Quattro®, NV6700D Quattro® 2, NV6750D Quattro® 3, NX200, NX250, NX400, NX400Q, NX450, NX450Q, NX570Q, NX600, NX650Q, NX2000 Laura Ashley, PC210, PC420, PE500, QC1000, QC2000, SB3129 Simplicity, SB7050E Simplicity, SB7500 Simplicity, SE350, SE400, SE425, V3, V5, V7, VE2200, DreamCreator® XE VM5100, DreamWeaver® XE VM6200D, VQ2, DreamCreator® VQ2400, DreamWeaver® VQ3000, Innov-ís XV, XV8500D, XV8550D, and others.