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Brother PRCF5 Flat Brim 2.5x5 Hat Hoop, Mounting Bracket, Cap Driver, Universal for PR1055 PR1050 PR1000 PR680 PR670 PR655 PR650 PR620 PRS100

Cap Alignment
Affixing the upper frame simply by pressing allows correct alignment by aligning the center of the frame and the cap.

Anchoring the Brim
The cap curves according to its natural curvature and allows the original shape to be retained without any distortion or scratches after removing the frame. With the old frame, the brim bends or changes shape due to it being secured with a brim clamp. Because of this, people who use the old frame may find that the brim does not return to its original shape even after removing the clamp.

Embroider Closer to the Brim
With this new cap frame, you can now embroider closer to the brim than ever before! Where the old frame allowed you to embroider 21-24 mm from the brim. This new frame allows you to embroider as close as 18 mm to the brim!