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Changeable 1/4" Guide Foot #413238345

The Interchangeable Dual Feed with Changeable Presser Feet is designed to feed layers of fabric and/or batting evenly. It is perfect for quilting, sewing velvet, some stretch fabrics, imitation leathers and fabrics which need accurate pattern matching.

Use the Changeable ¼” Guide Foot for straight stitch and hand look quilt stitch. The guide will help you keep ¼” (6mm) distance.

Other information

1. Attach the Interchangeable Dual Feed to your machine:
    a. Remove the presser foot ankle by unscrewing the ankle screw.
    b. Place the Interchangeable Dual Feed onto your machine from the back, positioning the fork over the needle clamp screw. Screw the Interchangeable Dual Feed onto the presser foot bar with the presser foot ankle screw.
    c. With presser foot bar in the up position, place the Changeable 1/4” Guide Foot under the Interchangeable Dual Feed.
2. Push the Changeable .” Guide Foot upwards so that it snaps into place.

3. Because this foot has a small opening to better form the stitches for piecing, you can only use the center needle position straight stitch or the hand look quilt stitch.
4. To begin sewing at the edge of the fabric, place your fabric under the foot, aligning the raw edges with the guide on the foot.
5. Sew the seam, keeping the edges aligned with the guide.

6. The red markings on the foot will help you to align the fabric at the start of your sewing, at corners and at the end of your fabric.
7. Sew with the guide riding in the pieced seam (ditch) of the quilt. When you come to a corner, stop when the .” red marking on the foot reaches the seam.
8. With the needle in the fabric, pivot and continue sewing.

Not for EMERALD™ 122, 118 and 116 machines.