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Use in the loopers of sergers for an easy way to hem! This heat activated, white color thread (800m) is the ultimate "blind hem." Use with patches and emblems on apparel like jeans or ball caps.
  • Press N Bond Thread winds easily onto any style bobbin.
  • Choose an embroidery design with ample stitches—a slim applique, lettering or running stitch will not expose enough of the thread for successful fusing.
  • It may be necessary to increase the upper tension just slightly to expose more bobbin thread on the back of the embroidery.
  • Let the garment go completely cool before moving!
  • Test the fabric and top embroidery thread to ensure the iron heat will not damage either. Use only on fabrics that can withstand direct pressing with an iron or heat-press.
How to use Floriani Press n Bond Thread:
  • Embroider the design with the Floriani Press N Bond thread in your bobbin, then prepare the designs by cutting it out, or using the RNK Heat Craft Tool.
  • Position the embroidery design on the garment in the desired area. Hold good pressure on the iron over the back of the design for at least 10 seconds. Press from the back of the garment first so the iron can generate enough heat to melt the thread. Use a high wool to cotton setting on your iron depending on the fabric to which you are adhering. You can use steam for this.
  • Turn the garment right side out, cover the embroidery with a pres cloth and press again for 5 to 7 seconds.

    How to use Floriani Press N Bond thread for hemming with a serger:
  • Place the thread on the lower looper of your serger.
  • Serge the edge of the fabric,
  • Fold the edge of the fabric up to the desired depth of the hem and press. Hold pressure with tu iron for at least 4 to 5 seconds.

    Tips for hemming with your serger:
  • Test the fabric to ensure the iron heat will not damage it. Use only fabrics that can withstand direct pressing with an iron or heat-press.
  • Iron temperature can range from wool to cotton depending on the fabric limitations.
  • Let the garment completely cool before moving it.

    *Some fabrics contain sizing or starch. It is necessary to pre-wash or launder the fabric to remove this finish in order to achieve a good bond with the Press N Bond thread.
    *If the fabric contains wax or teflon, the Press N Bond will not adhere.
    *It is imperative to let the garment/item cool completely before using or wearing.
    *Test compatibility of thread/fabric/iron before using.
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icon RNK Press N Bond Thread is an innovative, heat-activated thread that can be used as bobbin thread for embroidery or threaded through the lower looper on your serger. This gives a heat fusible backing to your embroidery, serger hem, etc!