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Vinyl Applique - Leather Bag Makeover

The Artistic software is not just limited to creating embroidery and crystal designs - it also has lots of great applications for various crafting techniques. For example, you can cut your design out of vinyl to embellish things that you wouldn't normally be able to do embroidery or applique on. See how Artistic Educator Maddie Bushman takes this sweet leather bag and gives it a makeover with vinyl adhesives.

Travel Series by Amy Meek - Laundry Bag

As part of her Travel Series, Amy Meek has created an extremely useful drawstring Laundry Bag Project that's also very easy to sew. Get complete instructions online.

Other Projects In The Travel Series:

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Shoe Bag Project

Pipping Foot

Piping really gives your home decor and garment projects a professional finish. It's easy to make and easy to install, using the optional Piping Foot.

You can use either a purchased bias strip or cut your own strip of fabric. It can be either straight of grain or bias.

How To Install Piping

  1. Place your cording in the center of the fabric, and then wrap the fabric around it.
  2. With the Piping Foot on your machine, move the needle to a left position so it just barely clears the needle hole.
  3. Hand crank the needle to make sure it will safely clear the hole in the foot.
  4. Feed the encased cording into the groove on the underside of the foot.
  5. Choose a straight stitch and sew down the side of the encased cord to create your custom piping.

It's that easy.

To see this demonstrated, watch the video Piping Foot: How To Make Your Own Piping.