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                                                      Supply List for Rulers Rock Sampler Set Basics
                                                                        Pam Varner

Machine in good working order and manual.
If your machine hasn’t been serviced in a while, you may want to have that done.
Screwdriver to install/adjust the height of the foot.
Extension table.
Free Motion Glider (optional but recommended)
Size 90 needle: Teacher’s favorite: top stitch. Please bring new needles to class.
40 or 50 wt light colored thread. Can be cotton or poly.
20” square quilt sandwich, a fabric that is dark and reads solid for the top. Please mark according to illustration on next page.
Batting: low loft is best for learning.
Another sandwich for practice and play. Can be fat quarter size, 15”-18” square, or same as above. Again, a fabric that is dark and reads solid for the top.
These do not need to be basted. If they are, please use spray, do not pin baste.
Marking pen, pencil, chalk
Bobbin filled with same thread that you will be using in your needle.
Scissors for snipping thread tails.
Non-sewing Scissors for cutting stable tape.
Hand needle for burying threads (teacher’s favorite: self threading)
Pen/Pencil and paper for taking notes.
Clear or blue painter’s tape if you have it. Do not purchase.
Westalee by Sew Steady ruler foot or true ½” ruler foot. Please contact the store if you have a question about your foot.
*If you have a Bernina, you will need the #77 Shank Adapter available thru Bernina.
12”ARC Template (comes with foot) and spacing gauge.
Sampler Set 1 Westalee Templates.
8 pt Cross Hair Square or ruler (no less than 10” long) with 45° markings.
Please be comfortable with the following on your machine:
Any automatic free motion settings
Top Tension settings
Pressure foot settings if applicable.
Removing and installing presser feet and ankle if applicable.
Disengaging or covering feed dogs.
Disengaging dual feed if applicable.
Needle position: on some machines this is a stitch selection, on others it is a position setting.
Please mark your 20” square with the following. It is easier to mark straight lines before making the sandwich.
Step 1
7" from left
6" from line
7" from top
Step 2
6" from line
Center will be a 6" square